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Venice Marathon
venice marathon

Every year, in October, the Venice Marathon involves about 6,000 participants coming from all over the world. It was born in 1986 and is held over the classical 42,195 Km. It starts from Stra (near Padua), runs along the River Brenta and arrives in Venice.


End July
venice redentore

The Festa del Redentore is a tradition that dates back to 1577. It was first held to celebrate the city's deliverance from a terrible plague and the construction of Palladio's "Redentore" (Redeemer) Church, commissioned for the same reason.

It is a festival that is particularly popular with Venetians as it combines a religious theme with a spectacular celebration that attracts thousands of visitors. On Saturday night, the setting of St. Mark's Basin hosts a firework display that lights up the city with colors and reflections.

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