Frequently Asked Questions about Venice


Is Venice a secure city ?

Venice is an extremely secure city, but consider that in the most tourist places and in crowded areas you should watch out your wallet and bags because pickpocketing could happen. That’s the only “risk” you should pay attention.

During the night Venice is really quiet and you can walk safely through the city.



Are there beaches in Venice?

In Venice you can find nice and large beaches in Lido Island. There are beaches frequented by VIPs and others almost wild where nudism is tolerated (e.g Malamocco beach).
You can reach Lido catching water bus from:
- St Mark's Square (lines nr.1 and 52) – it takes around 10 minutes
- railway station (lines 1 - 82 - 51 – 52) – it takes around 35 minutes, departures every 10 minutes
- Tronchetto terminal (line 17 Ferryboat) – it takes around 35 minutes, departures every 50 minutes
- Marco Polo Airport (Alilaguna line) – it takes around 55 minutes, departures every 60 minutes
- Fusina terminal parking – it takes around 40 minutes



Are tips customary in Venice?

Tips are not mandatory. If you want leave a tip it will be appreciated but you can also decide not to, without any problems. In Italy tipping is considered a “thanks!” for a good service.



What are the most famous festivals in Venice?

They are the Carnival, the Biennale, the Venice Film Festival, the Marathon, the Festa del Redentore. More details in the events section.



What are the rates for a taxi ride?

Taxis in Venice are called water taxis. They can be considered the limousines of Venice and can hold up to 10 people. They are quiet expensive…some indicative rates are listed in the table here below:


From To or viceversa
Indicative fares
Marco Polo Venice Airport hotels in Venice Historic Centre
95-130 €
Railway Station S.Lucia hotels in Venice Historic Centre
65-100 €
Piazzale Roma hotels in Venice Historic Centre
65-100 €
Venice Harbour hotels in Venice Historic Centre
80 - 130 €


More details about water taxis in Venice.



How much does a Gondola ride cost?

Indicative fares are around 80 euro per 50 minutes (price per gondola) until 8.00 p.m. and 100 euro per 50 minutes from 8.00 p.m to 8 a.m., but consider that you can try to negotiate the price.


More about Gondola rides.



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