The city of Venice offers a free SMS warning service for everyone who wants to be notified when acqua alta (high water) is upcoming. This service is not reserved to Venetians only but is available also for people (Italians or not) who need to be informed about tide forecast.
For example, if you are in Venice on vacation you can plan your visit in a better way if you know that there will be acqua alta.

» The service notify you by SMS every time a tide level of 110 cm or higher is forecasted

» Subscriptions to this service expire 30th june every year


How to register to the service:

1) Go to the Venice Tide Center SMS Service webpage

2) Complete the information form.
It's available only in italian but don't worry, follow the example below and you will not have problems:

acqua alta sms alert form

3) Click on "PROCEDI"

4) Verify the data you have inserted and the "CONFERMA"

5) To turn on the service send the following text by SMS using your mobile phone to number 339 99 41041:


6) To turn off the service send the text MAREA OFF to the same number.